2 Weeks in Australia

A friend from Korea visited Sydney recently and I only had one week to show what Sydney has to offer. Firstly, some seagulls taking a bath (:

Not having much time on the first day, we walked around the city. First stop was Darling Harbour

Cool spiral waterfall at Darling Harbour

Old ship outside the Australian National Maritime Museum

Then walked to The Star (casino). Much nicer after the renovation

Then we walked passed the Sydney Tower Eye

By night we visited some friends at The Rocks and had a quick view of the Opera House

…and the Harbour Bridge

The next day we had a closer look at Sydney’s famous landmarks

Walking towards the Opera House

A shot of Sydney Harbour, can’t get enough of it (:

In between the Opera House

We walked around to the Harbour Bridge and we had this view

Under the Bridge

Camels at the Harbour o.O

Had some fun editing this photo.. Toilet?

Martin Place

We walked into the Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Stairway to.. rooftop?

This young boy couldn’t find his size

Batman promotions

The next day we visited Bondi Beach

Bondi Icebergs Club

A nice winter’s day at the beach (:

Cool rock formations

That big rock looked out of place o.O

Fish and Chips for lunch

Deep Fried Mars Bar.. was nice!

Later at night we drove around and stopped at Blues Point Reserve for this view.. one of the best views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House together

We visited Darling Harbour again as we booked tickets to watch Batman at the IMAX. Preparations for the Sydney Boat Show were underway at the harbour

Hurricane’s beef ribs.. soooo nice! O.O

World’s Biggest IMAX at Darling Harbour. The screen was huge!

The next day we drove to the Blue Mountains

First stop was Wentworth Falls. Starting at the top, we had to cross the top section of the waterfall

The start of The Grand Stairway to the bottom of the waterfall. Amazing views!

The stairs were steep!

Halfway point looking up

Wentworth Falls

There were 6 sets of these ladders from the halfway point down to the bottom of the waterfall

Finally at the bottom! Now the hard part was going back up..

After Wentworth Falls we drove 10 minutes down the road to Echo Point

The Three Sisters

On the second last day we planned to visit the observation deck of the Sydney Tower Eye and the Royal Botanic Gardens as you can see in this photo

The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

Darling Harbour

Hyde Park and St Mary’s Cathedral

After enjoying the views from the Sydney Tower Eye. We walked to the Royal Botanic Gardens via Hyde Park

We also passed these Matchsticks

From the garden we walked to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for this amazing view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Sunset behind the city skyline

On the way to dinner we saw this.. (:

Hotel view of Hyde Park and St Mary’s Cathedral

The last day was reserved for Taronga Zoo. We took a ferry from Circular Quay to the zoo and along the way you get this view (:

First animal we saw was this Tree Kangaroo

Then some kangaroos and wallabies just relaxing in the sun

Said hello to some Koalas

BEWARE – These Animals Bite. Do you really Wombat?

The Tasmanian Devils were so active!

Oh hello there

Central Netted Dragon. What you looking at?!

Seal Show

The view from the Bird Show

On the ferry back to Circular Quay. One week in Sydney flew by so quickly!