21 Weeks in Korea

Yeosu Expo trip

From the main gate you walk into the Expo Digital Gallery

This huge display on the ceiling was a highlight of the expo

The Australian and Indonesian pavilions opposite each other (:

Hi (:

Indonesian pavilion ceiling



Thai performance

Street performer

Air performer

Biggest aquarium in Korea

Performance inside the Theme Pavilion

Throughout the day performances are held in the Floating Stage area

The Big O and the Theme Pavilion

Walking in line to their positions

Around the Expo area, there were shelters that sprayed a light mist to keep the visitors cool

These old silos were refurnished and had organs attached to them

GS Caltex building

Samsung building

Hot dog break

Water show

I don’t remember it raining that day..

The Big O show. It was worth coming here 3 hours early for a seat!

Lights, water and music! The highlight of the expo!

The Korean Pavilion

Saturday night was busy!

The Expo Digital Gallery’s ceiling was another highlight!

The next morning we woke up early to enter the expo at opening time to visit the aquarium first. We knew it would be the busiest attraction all day but we didn’t expect this line in the morning.. We had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes..

Big fish tank!

This fish was resting on the rocks.. facing upwards!

Inside the Korean pavilion, there was a presentation inside the dome ceiling!

Inside the Switzerland Pavilion. Water, where are you? I am in your bulgogi..

Ice brought over from Switzerland just for the expo. It was so cold in there!

Sleeping inside the Swedish Pavilion

Water Bar

France Pavilion

Netherlands Pavilion

Giant squid inside the Peru Pavilion

Home time! Our train at the Yeosu Expo train station

Again, it took 50 minutes to wash, cut and style my hair! When I paid for my haircut, she gave me this hair gel for free!

Another BBQ organised by the international of the lab. A good bye party for me and a thank you for the lab

While the charcoal was heating up, we played a game of baseball with another lab. We lost.

Notice the new BBQ. An old barrel which we cut open


Waiting for my train at Daejeon station. The next day I visited a friend in Seoul just before I leave Korea

First was lunch at a famous Tonkatsu restaurant in Myeongdong

Bought new cheap glasses

We went to Cafe aA in Hongdae and I bought 팥빙수 (a kind of red bean dessert)

Mix it and eat! Very nice!

Caught the new KTX back to Daejeon

An 아줌마 (ajumma – middle/older aged woman) that sat next to me on the train gave me this lolly. People are kind in Korea!