20 Weeks in Korea

Daejeon sunset before my 2 Weeks in Jeju Island

Last dinner before my Jeju Island trip, Chicken Feet! (no bones)


We took the plane from Cheongju Airport to fly to Jeju Island. This airport was an hour bus ride from the Daejeon Bus Terminal

Waiting inside Cheongju Airport

Playing rock scissor paper inside the plane! Only on Jeju Air!o_O

We arrived at 8 p.m. and took a taxi to our hostel, 15 minute ride costs around $3.50. After we checked in, we visited Yongduam Rock which was only a 15 minute walk from our hostel. Can you see the dragon head?

Jeju Bus Terminal. The next day we visited a maze park, cave and a beach

At Kimnyoung Maze Park. Why sit on the chairs when you can sit on the table?

Maze entrance to the right and the goal up the stairs in the middle (obviously you can’t start there)

Need to to reach that bell!

I made it!

After Kimnyoung Maze Park, we walked 1 km down the road to Manjanggul Cave

Lava Stalactites

Lava Column

A section of the cave floor, looks crazy!

Later that afternoon, we swam in Hamdeok Seoubong Beach

After the beach we walked around Jeju City, just another underground shopping walkway in Korea

갈치조림. We chose this meal from the plastic food displays that are in the front window of the restaurant. A lot less then the plastic display

The next day we planned to visit Geomun Oreum first

The Jeju bus system was really efficient, we took the bus to almost every place we visited

We got off the bus and saw this, very foggy in the mountains!

We walked to the Geomun Oreum entrance and the staff there told us that we needed to register to hike this UNESCO site

So we registered for the next morning, a little dissapointed since we travelled all the way there and then finding out we couldn’t enter

After registering, we walked to our next site on our list, Sangumburi Crater. We met some horses along the way

The fog hung around all day

The walk was really long, a good hour walk

Along the way, a local jeju farmer helped us with directions to Sangumburi Crater

Met some more horses

Young horse?

Nearly there..

Sangumburi Crater. Couldn’t see anything because of the fog..

No view.. Oh deer..

Looking for a bus to catch back to Jeju City

For dinner this day, we had the famous Black Pork that’s only offered on Jeju Island. If you gave me normal pork and black pork, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

Lift Off!

We walked around the harbour after dinner

Fly High

More fog moving in..

Harbour fishing

Basketball along the harbour

The next day, Geomun Oreum. To hike this crater, you need to register as you can only enter with a guide

Our guide for the hike. She could only speak Korean, so we probably missed out on all the interesting facts

This route was blocked..

Lava Gorge

Our group. Hiking with the military

It was really nice walking around Geomun Oreum

Roughly halfway of the hike, we were given the option of walking back to the start or walking a few more kilometres around the top of the crater. We chose the second option

Never ending stair case..

Peak of the crater!

View from the top

Hi (:

After a day of hiking, we visited Samyang Beach

Samyang Beach is famous for its black sand

The next day, we spent the day on Udo Island

Udo Island is located east of Jeju Island. A 15 minute ferry ride that costs roughly $4 (return) can get you to this island

You can rent ATV’s, scooters or bikes and ride around the island. We just spend the day on the beach

On the ferry back to Jeju Island

Next day. Hallasan. The highest mountain in Korea. We took the Eorimok Trail to hike up

This trail started at around 1000m above sea level

Old tree

Fresh Water

After 1500m high, you walk out into an open area

A rail car. This rail goes to the top of hallasan, at this point of the hike, this would be really nice to take down the mountain

Resting stop. Cup noodles and other small food snacks were sold up here

Initially we thought we could take the Eorimok Trail to the top, then walk around the top of the crater and take another route down. But the Eorimok Trail led to the Donnaeko Trail (which doesn’t go to the peak) and the Yeongsil Trail

Taking the Yeongsil Trail down was a good choice

No clouds


Long way down..

Once we finished the Yeongsil Trail, we had to walk another 40 minutes to the closest bus stop. Spot the deer

Small Snake

While waiting for the bus, we visited the Chonjaam Temple Site

For dinner, I had 옥돔구이 (Okdom-gui), a Jeju Island special

Fireworks at the harbour. An old lady pushing a trolley was selling fireworks by the harbour, apparently it’s legal to let off fireworks in Korea

Next day we visited Hallim Park first

This cockatoo was saying “annyeonghaseyo”!

Couple clothing is very common in Koreao_O The weirdest sight was when I saw a whole family wearing the same shirts.. (dad, mum, ~17 year old son, ~12 year old son, ~10 year old daughter)

One of the main attractions of Hallim Park is Hyeopjaegul Cave

Certain sections of the cave’s ceiling looks like a dragon. This part is meant to be the dragon’s body

Dragon’s body

Hallim Park also has a bonzai garden

150 years!

250 years!

Smiling face (:

Hi (:

Hallim Park even had a small section which displayed old tradional Korean houses

Dolharubang (Stone Grandfather) is a black lava statue of an old man. These are seen everywhere on Jeju Island

Waterfall in Hallim Park

After Hallim Park, we walked 10 minutes down the road to Hyeopjae Beach!

The water was really nice, not too cold!

The water was clear too! The only problem, no waves!

By the beach, stone work

Sunset at Hyeopjae Beach

The next morning we left Hostel Korea in Jeju City and headed south to Seogwipo

On the way to Seogwipo, we took the bus to the east point of Jeju Island and visited the famous Seogsan Ilchubong Peak

Hi (:

View from top looking back at Jeju

Inside the crater

This place was suggested to visit during sunrise

Definitely a must see on Jeju Island

After we found our hostel in Seogwipo, we visited Cheonjiyeon Falls. It was only a 10 minute walk

Light bulb boats

Dinner time! We walked along Chilsimri Food Street which again was really close to our hostel

And we found this place🙂

And had this meal again, 갈치조림 (some kind of boiled fish). It was much nicer here

The next day, the first place we visited was Sambang Mountain

At the highest point we could walk up the mountain

Interesting rocks

Rock Carving

View from the highest (allowable) point. We thought we could hike to the top of this mountain, but we found out that you can only see the buddha statue inside the cave

Part of Yongmeori Caost, not sure why, but they closed the coast that day

Looking back at Sambang Mountain. I can see why they don’t allow you to hike this mountain

In the afternoon, we visited Jeongbang Falls

Fresh seafood on the rocks

There were a lot of school children this day!

A clear view

We tried some fresh seafood. My friend ordering our plate

Our seafood plate

Seafood by the sea. The two grandmas clean everything with sea water, carry buckets full of sea water and sit there all day

After Jeongbang Falls, we walked 15 minutes along the coast and found Seojeongbang Falls. A smaller waterfall with no crowd

After Seojeongbang Falls, we walked around looking for dinner

Bought take away dinner here. A gimbap restaurant. All those scooters are delivery scooters

We took our dinner to back to our hostel and ate on the rooftop

My dinner

Night view from the rooftop

The next day’s weather, rain all day. So we decided to visit a few museums, first was Chocolate Land

This museum was a dissapointment. The information on the walls were all in Korean and not much to see. They had a room which displayed a lot of chocolates from the world

Next was Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Cardboard Car

Car with a spa on the boot

Places Ripley visited

Notice 128

128 = New Zealand?

After spending 3 hours in the museum, the weather was clear for a few hours so we walked down to Jungmun Beach

A surfing competition was being held at Jungmun Beach

From Jungmun Beach, we walked 20 minutes to the Jusangjeolli cliff

Volcanic rock formations

Columnar Joints

Rocky View

Marinated raw horse meat and horse intestines for dinner!

Hallasan again the next day. This day we took the Seongpanak Trail up, the sign suggested it will take 4 hours and 30 minutes to the top. But it took us under 2 hours and 45 minutes

Spot the deer

1000 metres! The start of the trail started at around 750 metres above sea level

Halfway rest stop

Mountain delivery

Made it to the top!

Right side of the Crater

Left side of the Crater

Baekrokdam Crater

Busy hiking day

Hi (:


Fresh breeze, so relaxing at the top

Clouds passing by

Above the clouds

Walking back down the Gwaneumsa Trail

My friend filling up his water bottle

Spot the frogs

Bridge crossing

The sign says it should take 3 hours and 30 minutes to go down this trail, it took us 1 hour and 30 minutes

Black pork BBQ for dinner

Pyoseon Beach the next day

After the beach we visited the Jeju Folk Village Museum

Old style toilet

Black Pigs. They’re usually in the small area behind the toilet..

Urine Jar

Old style kitchen

This area was used to film a Korean drama

Part of the acting crew

Leaving the village

Back in Jeju City

Last Sunset in Jeju Island

The next morning inside Jeju International Airport, 2 weeks in Jeju felt so short!