18 Weeks in Korea

I went to Gyeongju with the lab for a conference

First sight seeing spot, Bulguksa

Stone Stacking

Fence Stone Stacking

There were a lot of school children in Gyeongju, mainly because this city played a big role in Korea’s history

Next stop, Seokguram

There’s a big buddha underneath that grass hill, no photos allowed

View from the top

Drinking water


Big Bell

Gyeongju National Museum

Another Big Bell

Our accommodation for the trip, Hanwha Resort

Back view from my room

Cheonmachong (Heavenly Horse Tomb)

A lot of tombs in this area

Gyodong Beopju. Traditional alcohol is made here

People live in here!

Go Karting!

Dinner time

After dinner we visited Gyeongju Imhaejeon Site

Hi (:


Downside Up?

Gyeongju Traditional Bread

The bread has a red bean paste filling