17 Weeks in Korea

Geese Movement

Shabu Shabu Buffet Lab Dinner

After dinner we hit some baseballs


Grand dad park gathering

Cruising down the street

Morning sunrise before a Busan long weekend trip

Bird nest outside Busan Station

Lunch first. 낙지볶음 – Nakchi Bokum – Some sought of chilli seafood mixed with rice

Then Haeundae Beach. Preparing for the sand festival next weekend

Detailed sand work!

Children friendly. The most popular throughout the weekend

APEC House

Riding the jet ski backwards

Air guns at the beach, to blow away the sand from your feet and shoes

Haeundae Beach

APEC House and Gwangan Bridge

Inside the APEC Conference Room

Outside the APEC House, light house view

Suspension Bridge along the coast

Later in the afternoon, we visited Headong Yonggungsa Temple

Coin throwing pond

Lanterns covered the temple for buddha’s birthday

Pigs (:

This was a nice and different temple as it was located along the coast, not in the mountain like the usual temples

Stone sculptures

The water was so calm, no waves in sight

Heavy head lifting

The next morning, we visited Songjeong Beach

Peaceful rock fishing

There were no waves at this beach too

So peaceful

After Songjeong Beach, we caught the bus back to Haeundae Beach to swim and have lunch. Fresh fish!

Lunch view, so nice!

Many foreigners visit Haeundae Beach

Sand Mountain!

Many sand mountains, preparation for the sand festival

Next day, more progress

More progress today too

History of Haeundae. Walked up the small mountan on Dongbaek Island which is located at one end of Haeundae Beach

Mountain Sleeping

Lunch at Bulgogi Brothers

Train back home. 3 hour train trip back to Daejeon. Full train and a lot of people standing (you can buy cheaper standing tickets )