16 Weeks in Korea

I still play the piano!

Walking the long way home

There’s a nice walking trail near the lab

Nice Sunset

Car lane or bicycle lane?

Start of the Bomun Mountain hiking day. This mountain is located in the southern area of Daejeon

This tree has pimples!

A lot of old people hike in Korea. We were the only people in the 20’s. Usually they are old (parents or grandparents) and little children, no one else in between except for us

Somewhere near the top. First open view of Daejeon

I was very surprised to see this, a grave near the top of the mountain!

A few hundred metres away, another view. I saw my area!

Spot the hanging caterpillar

Mountain gimbap lunch break

Map, directions and emergency box

Nearly there, last set of stairs to take us to the top

We made it!

A caterpillar decided to go to the top of the mountain with me. It took roughly 2 hours to reach this point of Bomun Mountain

Ice cream seller at the top of the mountain, what?!

Deciding the route down

There were many different trails to hike, be back soon!

Little kids hike too!

Another grave!

Walking down, we crossed this temple

Mountain home?

Little Buddhas

Caterpillars hike too!

Natural spring water in the mountain

Feel like exercising after a long hike?

There’s a paved path which takes you up to a certain point on the mountain, we decided to walk down this easier route to relax after walking on rocks and dirt for 2 hours

Seafood buffet after a long day of mountain hiking

First plate. Messy

Next plate. Cleaner

They also have other food, not just seafood. Next time I go here, I’ll just eat sushi and steak!

Haircut this week. They have this weird machine I’ve never seen before in Australia. It’s in all the Korean hairdressers

My hairdresser. This was the longest haircut I’ve ever experienced, 50minutes! But probably the best haircut too

Lunch before hiking again the next day. This was a mountain located in the north of Daejeon

Temple before the start of the trail

Colourful lanterns for Buddha’s birthday

Big Bell

Start of today’s hiking trip

Halfway to the top, graves on this mountain too

Old watch tower?

More graves facing the other side of the mountain

Resting area and a fire warning

Which way to go now?

Nearly there

Spot the squirrel

View of the northern area of Daejeon

Easier. Spot the squirrel

Exercising/resting area at the top

Big Bug

End of our weekend hiking trip

My onion is dead..