14 Weeks in Korea

Four foreigners in a Korean car on Korean roads. 1 Brazilian driver, 2 Germans and 1 Australian. Buying barbecue food

Pig Transport

Meat Marinade

6kg Potato Salad

6kg of Pork!

German and Brazilian taking care of the BBQ

The four foreigners of the lab prepared the BBQ. Something different from the usual Korean style BBQ

Engine experiments while we were preparing the BBQ

Our setup behind the lab

The big pieces first

The other pieces now. We settled for pork instead of beef simply because beef was too expensive

Everyone enjoying the food

All 6kg of pork and 6kg of potato salad was finished!

The Koreans bought us sausages later because they realised there was not a lot of pork left for us (4 foreigners) to eat. They took over the BBQ then

Daejeon street at night

My onion is still growing!

Baseball game. The two teams greeting each other

First pitch of the game!

Italian for dinner. There are a lot of Italian restaurants in Korea

Avengers in 3D

Daejeon apartments at night

KIA ‘K5 Mania Club’

I don’t think this onion will ever die

Another birthday in the lab. Chopsticks again!

Soccer. Our lab vs. another lab. We won!