12 Weeks in Korea

New Garden

Gas marks inside the subway station

Outside Daejeon Station

Train waiting. On the way to Busan

There are thin cafes in Busan too

Shinsegae Department Store

Notification! = Alim!

Haeundae Beach at night

Green Sand


Quiet Night

Beach Walking

Looking Back

Big motion sensor games at the beach

Taking a short break

At one end of Haeundae Beach

No Smoking!

T.G.I. FRiDAY'S for dinner

Ribs! Meat!

It was raining all day the next day. So we visited Busan Aquarium which is located at Haeundae Beach

Slimy Frog

Big Head Fish

Bigger Head Fish

Black and White

Spot the Sea Dragon

Synchronise walking spider crabs

Jelly Fish

The best tank in the aquarium!

Red Jelly Fish

Cartoon Jelly Fish

Big Tank!

After the aquarium. Still raining!

Heavy Rain

Nothing to do on a rainy Busan day

Back at Busan Station for an early dinner

Vietnamese Restaurant. Still tasted Korean

Taxi in Daejeon. The white square on the bottom right corner of the GPS was showing a TV show. Dangerous?

Chicken! Nice!

My onion is dying!