10 Weeks in Korea

Rice Cake. A girl from the lab gave these to everyone because her baby was 100 days young

Up and up

Car removal outside my home

Next to a 2 litre bottle

Dinner with the lab. Jajangmyun (black sauce noodle) and Tangsuyuk (something like a sweet and sour pork). So nice and so filling!


My friend bought this, strawberry jam and peanut butter in the same jar. Very nice!

One of the lab members birthday. Eating cake with chopsticks!

It's growing!

Watching the Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra. One of my German friends met the conductor of this orchestra in a German bar here in Daejeon. He gave my friend five free tickets to watch his orchestra. It wasn't what I expected though, no instruments, only the last two pieces included a piano, it was all singing!

Empty bus

Steak!!! at the Outback Steakhouse! Quite expensive i think.. around $37 for my steak (250 grams) and prawns

Finally.. steak!

Didgeridoo display inside

Downtown Daejeon

Waiting for my drink inside Dunkin Dougnuts

Conference room inside a cafe?

At the cinema to watch Wrath of the Titans, not bad..

Inside the cinema, seemed a bit small

Outside the cinema. Since there will be elections on 11/4, at most of the big intersections, people try to gain your attention to promote their party. They even bow to cars!

Near the cinema. Traditional old houses on display

A Daejeon road

Inside a subway station. Bicycles waiting to be hired

Also inside a subway station.. books to read, for everyone!

From the subway station. Walking through an underground shopping complex, just one long passage way


On our way to the markets


Just like any other market.. but with Korean products

Military service men away from base on the weekend. They have to wear uniform everywhere

Singing along the river

Near Daejeon subway station and the markets. Old Downtown Daejeon; Eun-Heng Dong. A lot of international and local branded clothing stores, food and cafes

I found another colour! Only $2.5, so cheap!

Lunch time, Korean menu!? Usually, restaurants where there are a lot of Koreans eating and only provide Korean menus are nicer and cheaper

Bibim naeng myun (cold noodles with a chilli sauce) and pork. Cost only ~$4.5!

Little girl in a pink car, Dad with the remote control

Off they go!

Back near home. Did some shopping in E-Mart (the green building), similar to Cosco but probably not as big, they have big trolleys too!

Growing everywhere!