9 Weeks in Korea

Seafood dinner with the lab. Very Nice!

Still growing

Daejeon at night. In front of Chungnam University (the other university in my area)


Daejeon in the morning. The two older people dragging the trailer walk around picking up rubbish left outside shops or apartments. I'm not sure if they are the same people, but this is quite common to see

... and wider

소고기 김밥 - Sogogi Kimbap (Beef)

... and back up!

On my way to Seoul. Crossing my river

After crossing the river in the picture above. I had to cross that river you see in this picture. Near Wolpyeong subway station (my closest subway station)

Outside Wolpyeong subway station (takes around 20 minutes to walk here from my home). From here I catch the subway to Deajeon Station, then I catch the KTX to Seoul. Street shoes anyone?

Book vending machine inside the subway station

Deajeon station. Waiting for the KTX

Inside the 'normal' KTX carriage. The seats in the front half of the carriage are facing backwards and the back half are facing forwards. You can pay a little less to sit facing backwards

50 minutes later.. Seoul Station!

First stop.. Cheonggyecheon

Old and new shops along each side of the stream

We only walked 1km of the 7km Cheonggyecheon stream


Near the 'popular' end of Cheonggyecheon stream

At the end looking back. I was told Cheonggyecheon looks much nicer at night

K-Pop group performing at the end of Cheonggyecheon. A lot of fan girls around!

Mr. Pizza for lunch!

Pickles are always served with pizza in Korea

Very tasty!

At the end of Cheonggyecheon

Crossing to the other side of the road. Shelter for the homeless..

Deoksugung Palace. 10 minute walk from Cheonggyecheon

City and the Palace

Changing of guards. Those guards stand there all day

Dong Bang

Walking along the outside of Deoksugung Palace

This picture isn't squashed..

Gyeongbokgung Palace on the left, Cheonggyecheon in the middle and Deoksugung Palace on the right

Old people gathering inside the subway station. There were so many!

Korean back streets. On the way to our accommodation

Around Dongdaemun Market

Another stream next to Dongdaemun Market

The subways in Seoul are much wider than the subways in Daejeon

On our way to Itaewon

Small street shops line the sidewalks of Itaewon's main street. You usually can find cheap fake goods in these street shops

Itaewon back streets

A lot of foreigners live in and visit Itaweon, so you will find many international restaurants here

Itaewon side street

Itaewon sunset

Gas station for trucks maybe?

Where did level 4 go? Number 4 is considered to be unlucky in Korea

Next day we visited Myeongdong (popular shopping district)

Samsung Fashion?

A bit more busier now. We arrived early, around 10:30, and none of the shops were open yet. Shops in Korea usually open late and close late

Lunch view

Shabu Shabu for lunch

Many of the sales assistants can speak Korean, Japanese and Chinese. A lot of foreigners visit Myeongdong!

Back at Seoul station. Korean traditional performance

Inside Seoul Station. Orchestra peformance

And finally back at Daejeon

Apartments everywhere

Sunday evening traffic

People walking along the river

Walking home through a park from the subway station. Ducks!

My river

Still alive