8 Weeks in Korea

I left some red onions in my cupboard because I had no more space in my fridge. A few days later.. it starts to grow!

Moving in (or out). As there are a lot of apartments in Korea; instead of using the elevator to move in (or out), these 'lifts' are used to carry your goods into your apartment. I've even seen these used to carry something into an apartment only on the second floor

Ajummas keeping Daejeon clean

Exercising and 'older' bicycle riders resting. Using your bike dad?

Next day

New bigger mixing/eating bowl. Eating a lot more now after losing 4kg since leaving Sydney


PC delivery?

Trying to gain weight. Whole crispy chicken for dinner! 8900 Won (~$8)!

Also bought this to eat with the chicken. 참치김밥 (Chamchi Kimbap) Tuna Roll. Was really full after eating this dinner..

... and growing

Rainy day walking back home. That scooter rider on the road is a food delivery man. A lot of restuarants have a food delivery service. The meals are exactly the same price if you went and ate in the restaurant. No extra delivery fee (although there may be conditions such as ordering for 2 people or over a certain amount)

Crossing the river to do some grocery shopping in Homeplus

Growing and growing

Ordered some pizza for lunch. Nicely tied for easy carrying home. 9900 Won (~$9) for a large pizza. Not that cheap in Korea

Bulgogi Pizza. Doesn't really taste like bulgogi

Dinner. Now with cucumbers

It grows a lot everyday!

Good morning Daejeon! Morning workout

River Crossing

Apartments everywhere. Along the river. Those tall buildings in the background are apartments too

New chicken and beer restaurant opening next to my place. There are so many chicken and beer restaurants around my area. If you drink beer, you should also eat chikcen. If you eat chikcen, you should also drink beer

Ajummas cleaning the park down the road from my home

Taller and Wider

Geese marching in line!