4 Weeks in Korea

Not 1 But 2

My House

My Fridge

KAIST Sports Complex

different view..

another view..

KAIST Institutes Building

Me and Geese Lake. If you look at the pond from above, you can see the head shape of a goose

Keeping KAIST clean

KAIST Library

Me and library man

Bus Stop Time. Most bus stops in Korea have these screens which show how long it will take for the bus to arrive

Inside a standing bus

Inside a sitting bus

부대찌개 (budae jjigae) - Army Stew

Daejeon Eastern Express Bus Terminal

I came here to buy my Busan bus ticket

Daejeon roads are wide

Daejeon Fish Market

Cutting our fish and octopus

Sashimi with Korean side dishes

Live octopus!

Soup with our fish

Waiting at the Daejeon Eastern Express Bus Terminal for my bus to Busan. I went to Busan to visit my friend since that's his hometown and he was going back to Sydney

My "Deluxe" bus. For buses that travel from main cities to main cities, there is usually a Deluxe or Standard bus you can choose from. The more expensive Deluxe offers bigger seats, more space and a more comfortable ride. I chose the Deluxe since the bus ride to Busan was going to take 3 hours

Big Seats!

Chilgok Service Area. Service Areas are common along the Korean highways, they provide food courts, toilets and other specialty stores

In Busan! on our way to the fish market

Old shops near the fish market

Old and New. Jagalchi Fish Market and Lotte Depeartment Store

Fresh fish!

New road at the markets

Bus on the footpath?

Working hard.. This is the road for cars and buses! See that red bus in the background?

Lunch at Jagalchi

Sashimi was also included

Seaweed anyone?

Street at the fish market

After the Jagalchi Fish Market, we headed to the "Largest Department Store"

Panorama of Shinsegae Community Department Store

Hi (:

Haeundae Centum Hotel. My friend's dad gave me a room in this hotel for the night, so kind!

Check in time

My room for the night

All this just for me!

Kitchen too!

Sinsegae department store dinner

Waiting in the subway. On my way to Busan's famous beaches

Gwangalli beach and Gwangan Bridge

Gwangalli Beach streetside

Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach

Now at Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach streetside

That mountainside in the background used to be the most expensive area at Haeundae. Now it's at the opposite end of the beach closer to Centum City where I stayed for the night

Haeundae Beach

Namseongju Service Area. On our way back to Daejeon. Joshua's brother in law drove us back to Daejeon (~3 hours) and then he had to drive another hour back to his home southwest of Daejeon, so kind!