3 Weeks in Korea

Jakarta airport roof. So many Koreans in Indo! There were around 5-6 planes flying out of Jakarta to Seoul

Nasi kuning and ayam for dinner.. not bad..

Seoul Sunrise

Waiting for my friend in this cafe. It was snowing in Daejeon!

불고기 버거 - Bulgogi Burger while waiting for my friend


My friend that brought me to Korea!

BBQ Buffet! Pork Pork Pork! Only 13000W (~$11) So Cheap!

Only pork in this BBQ buffet.. beef is so expensive in Korea!

Children and their parents were playing on this frozen river (5 minute walk from my home), a bit dangerous?

Everywhere in Korea you will see these apartments. These apartments are parallel to a road in KAIST called "The Endless Road" (I walk this long road every morning to get to the lab!)

Sunset Apartments

More apartments near the city centre

Weather was not so cold this day, around -1 degrees. Not -12 degrees like the frozen river picture above

The same river but further backwards. All day you'll see people (mainly old) walking, running and riding their bikes along these rivers (dad!)

BBQ buffet again, same price and this time they had beef too!

Daejeon KTX Station. On my way to Seoul to meet my friend for our snow trip! During the weekend the KTX trains are usually full, so it's best to buy your ticket online beforehand. I made the mistake of buying my ticket at the station and I had to wait nearly 2 hours for the train (and this was only on a Wednesday!)

김밥 - Kimbap before boarding (2500W ~ $2!)

Waiting for the KTX

KTX arrives. It takes around 50 minutes from Daejeon to Seoul by KTX. So fast!

Inside the KTX Economy Class. Cost 23700W (~$20). You can also buy First Class tickets but cost more (~$30)

KTX Entertainment. Througout the trip, KTX workers pushing trolleys full of food and drinks

A really big train station on the way to Seoul (Gwangmyeong Station). I noticed it because I remembered an episode of Running Man was filmed here!

Waiting inside Times Square for my friend. This shopping centre is so big!

Running Man was filmed in here too! The first episode! Looked bigger in the show though.. but still big!

My friend and her friends playing around outside Times Square

Cafe Kona Beans in Apgujeong, Seoul (rich area)

Inside the cafe. My friend's friend wanted to come here because it was owned by three members of a famous K-Pop boy group, Super Junior. All the customers inside were girls!

Seoulful Dinner (forgot the name of the dish). Was really nice!

Hyandai Sungwoo Resort. Arrived at 8:30 only to be told by reception that our room was ready at 12. So our plan to snowboard during the day was changed to night snowboarding! So nice at night!

Waiting... The resort is so empty on weekdays which is really good, but on the weekend it's so packed! I think people just come here for weekend trips since it's only a 2 hour drive from Seoul

Good Night

Good Morning

Snow breakfast - 삼각김밥 (samgak kimbap) - Triangle Kimbap

Inside the 삼각김밥. You can buy these at the convenience stores, very convenient!

Snow ball lunch

Back at KAIST

KAIST Geese Crossing.

Don't mess with the geese!

샤부 샤부 - Shabu Shabu Korean style. First, put in all the meat and vegetables. Eat.

Now mix the noodles. Eat.

Mix the rice after eating the noodles

Now the rice is ready to eat! All that for 6000W (~$5) each person!

Snowing at night close to home. In Korea you will notice a lot of crosses on building tops, a lot of churches!